About Extra Dimensions

Shaun Toweel began developing and building fine homes and residential communities in 1996. He believes that three words sum up what the custom home buyers are searching for: workmanship, value and satisfaction.
These are the keystones of the company’s success.
By understanding exactly what customers want, and providing excellence in design and construction, Extra Dimensions principals have built and sold a number of exclusive homes.
Our homes showcase the distinctive look of contemporary Bali architecture and modern architecture.

To quote Shaun
“Each project we undertake has a clear vision to drive it. For us the most exciting moment of the multimillion Rand development isn’t when it is sold out. It’s when we purchase the land that will give us the opportunity to create that development. Walking across the raw dirt of a piece of land and imagining what that land will be transformed into when we are through – that is truly a magic moment.
We literally see ourselves a year or so later handing the keys to the new owners, with the magnificent estate successfully completed as a background.
We also know that we will require plenty of passion, drive and hard work to see that vision become a reality on that piece of land.
If you have one without the other – vision without passion, you will never have extreme success”